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If you need weekly cleaning, rental turnover cleaning, bi-weekly or a one-time cleaning, fill out the form below to get free estimates from local maid services and cleaning companies.

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If you need weekly, rental turnover cleaning, bi-weekly or a one-time cleaning, you should hire a professional maid service or house cleaning service.

Maid Service Cost: Prices and Fees

Maid services base their fees or rates on the size of your home or office and the condition or cleanliness of the home to be cleaned. Most maid services or cleaning companies will give you an initial estimate over the phone based on the size of the cleaning job. Once the maids or cleaners see your home and it’s condition, they will have a better idea of how long the cleaning should take.

Hiring a Maid or Cleaning Service

Here are a few things to consider before hiring a cleaning service for your home or office.

Is the company properly bonded and insured?
Most maid service companies are bonded, but they should be insured for employee accidents, crime, and other liability. Ask for proof of insurance.

Are all the employees of the cleaning company screened? Do they do criminal background checks?
Cleaning company employees will be entering your home, handling your keys and credit card information. Ask the company who they use to run background checks on their employees. Ask the company about their hiring process. Ask if background checks are run and other screening processes.

What is the policy regarding broken or missing items?
If the maid service is properly insured, the insurance should cover this sort of thing. Ask them to specify what is covered by their insurance. Also ask about their claims process and related policies.

Remember, the people you are hiring will have access to your house and all your belongings, so be sure to hire a reputable and properly bonded and insured mad service or cleaning company. It may not be a good idea to just hire an any independent house cleaner off Craig’s List for example.

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